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If you have volunteered (or have been asked to volunteer) to be a team manager for an Arsenal team, then this is where you will find all of the necessary information you’ll need to run a successful team. Our managers are asked to: collect signed medical releases for each player, provide game day rosters, maintain up to date contact information and disseminate information to all of their team members. Team managers perform an essential job as liaison between their team and the club. Our ISC volunteers do a great job and we appreciate your time, patience and effort. On behalf of our players, parents, coaches and the entire ISC staff and board, “Thank You”.

Arsenal Managers

The Arsenal manager will be the coach’s main intermediary between the team and the Club. You will work closely and frequently with our Arsenal Coordinator. As a manager of an Arsenal team, you will be required to:

  • Assemble and maintain all of the contact information for your players and parents
  • Assist the coach in arranging schedules for practices
  • Update your parents on practice and game changes, update your “bonziteam” page
  • Support the Arsenal Coordinator as needed

This position will require approximately 4 hours of your time per week, and ISC appreciates the commitment and assistance of our Arsenal managers.

General Information

Player Cards

All Arsenal players are required to have a valid player card in order to participate in league games and tournaments. The Arsenal Coordinator will help you acquire and maintain your stock of player cards. These are to be held by the team manager or their substitute if one is required to cover for any games or tournaments. These must be brought to each game throughout the year. In addition, you may be required to provide additional proof of birth depending upon the league or tournament you play in.

Official Roster

Prior to participating in any league or tournament, all Arsenal teams will need an official roster (this is separate from a game day roster). Please take a copy with you to all games and tournaments. These rosters are obtained through your program coordinator and must be signed by either the Club or Association registrar.

Game Day Roster

Game day rosters are typically provided to the referees prior to the start of a match. All Arsenal teams are required to fill out a game day roster. Each league has its own form, so please check either the leagues’ website or contact their administrator to obtain the forms. Links to various leagues can be found at the bottom of this page.

Arsenal Team Treasurer

Each Arsenal team needs a team treasurer, which may or may not be the same person as the team manager.  The treasurer needs to open a personal (not business) checking account at the bank of his or her choice, dedicated and limited to team funds.  Some banks have low or no fee “Sports Team” accounts available.  The team treasurer will collect and disburse team money as appropriate for:

  • Tournament entry fees
  • League entry fee
  • Summer team camps
  • State Cup entry fees
  • Team trainer
  • Goalkeeper training
  • Additional field time
  • Team parties/End of season gifts
  • Misc team gear & supplies:  first aid kits, Insta-Bench, goalie gear, etc.

Other team expenses as determined by the coach, team, or Club, including but not limited to:  rescheduled field fees, guest player fees, additional travel or tournament expenses, and coach’s travel costs

Medical Release and Concussion Compliance

All Arsenal teams should have copies of the players’ medical release waivers at each game in the event of an emergency.

WYS Medical Release Form
WYS Concussion Waiver
USCS Medical Release Form
USCS Concussion Waiver

Team Organization

Sample team volunteer list

Players and Parents

WYS Guest PlayerForm
Code of Conduct – Rec Players/Parents


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